When machine learning was first introduced, it completely transformed how data was mined and analyzed. Organizations no longer had to dedicate a handful of resources to manually – or using statistical tools – unearth insights from data. They could just feed machine learning algorithms with relevant, consistent, and up-to-date data…

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high end qa

To stand out in a competitive marketplace, quality is always a differentiator. For technology projects, quality assurance typically takes the form of automated testing and manual testing. Most companies aim to automate much of their quality assurance process. We want to talk today about high-end quality assurance for technology projects….

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In a world where millions of companies are offering similar services across application development, infrastructure management, big data and analytics, cloud, mobility, and more, being able to stand out requires more than just a strong client portfolio. Companies need a team of highly motivated, disciplined and talented group of engineers…

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Global interconnectedness, increasing market demands, emerging technologies, evolving economic and jurisdictional considerations, rising customer demands, and increasing competition bring about new challenges in the financial services industry. In this light, navigating the rapidly changing and constantly evolving compliance landscape in the Financial Services universe is no walk in the park….

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Real transformation is about reshaping value using technology solutions. It is also about identifying the most appropriate technology to address the problem at hand. It is about knowing how you can help your customers re-invent themselves to stay ahead of the curve. To enable all this, you need domain expertise….

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Let’s assume you have some guests visiting for two weeks. Now, do you buy a car for them to move around? And when they leave, what happens to this car? Does it have to sit around until the next time someone comes around? Logically, you would just rent a car…

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The youth we see joining engineering colleges fresh out of school will someday be leaders in the not-so-distant future. It is important that they get a taste of the real world right after college. Wissen realises this. So, the company hired 22 graduates from top engineering colleges across Mumbai, Pune…

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Cloud Europe

The cloud as a means of hosting your hardware, technical infrastructure and software applications has been a game-changer for companies of all ages and sizes. For well-established companies, there are huge benefits to moving their infrastructure to the cloud, but a number of challenges too. I want to outline a…

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I want to begin by first answering what is good quality code and why it matters. And the answer is as follows. Good quality code matters because it allows the business to pivot quickly to new challenges. It allows operations to function smoothly, and it allows developers to churn new…

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Every team, every organisation dealing with technology and software development needs a methodology. Sometimes they are well defined, sometimes they grow organically. They can all improve on their methodologies. Let’s piece together the agile methodology story. The Origins of Agile In 2001, the Agile Manifesto with its 12 principles came…

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A leading financial service provider’s middle office Liquidity Risk department needed a solution to extracting data from different functions across the firm to get firm level overview of various Liquidity Risk metrics and monitor limits. Instead of building a data mart they were looking for a virtual data solution. Wissen…

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One of our clients is a global leader in investment banking. In our discussions with the senior directors in IT division of this organization, they told us about some issues they were constantly facing with their Order Management System. The OMS was extremely important revenue generator for the firm as…

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