Digital technologies are dramatically changing the way an organization delivers value to its customers. The proliferation of mobile devices, advancements in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, and emergence of the cloud has thrown up new opportunities as well as challenges to businesses.

Wissen is a digital technology company that accelerate the Digital Transformation of enterprises by leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies, user experience design, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our philosophy is to help our clients to innovate at a faster pace. This is achieved by intelligent and connected products and services. Our expertise with multiple delivery channels, powered by robust analytics, allows us to deliver a comprehensive digital strategy.

User Experience Design

An application’s success is governed not only by the functional coverage it provides to its users, but also by the experience of using it. Our UX designers are experts in understanding the user needs, vis-a-vis their psychology. Such in-depth user analysis is then utilized to design functional, efficient and highly optimized interactions, coupled with top class visual design. Our consultants are also experts in designing effective data visualization schemes for various needs, including complex analytical dashboards, MIS reports as well as decision support systems.

Backend Application Engineering

It is extremely critical for any application to have a very solid and well architected backend system. Wissen boasts of world class capabilities in building scalable, robust, integrated and highly secure distributed enterprise applications with high throughput and low latency. Our best-in-class technology experts have deep knowledge of the Java technology stack and insights into the  NoSQL landscape and emerging computing platforms such as spark. We leverage Agile and Continuous Delivery practices to ensure on-time and high quality delivery.


A growing number of application users are on various mobile platforms. Wissen has specialist designers who can put together highly efficient and effective UX designs, as well as expert technologists who can engineer mobile apps – both native and hybrid. Our consultants have built solutions that work seamlessly across devices, with highly responsive interfaces.


Wissen believes that every application is going to be an intelligent application. We provide clients with expert guidance and roadmap to attain maturity with the technologies and processes. We help clients navigate from Experiments and Proof of Concepts to a place where standards are set; processes are deployed across the firm while value is continuously delivered and there is perpetual improvement. We provide solutions in areas like Big Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing and Fraud Analysis among others. The capabilities include:

  • Data Management (using tools like Redshift, Hana, Google Bigquery, Vertica, Greenplum, MongoDB (NoSQL), SQL Azure, Hadoop, Apache Spark)
  • Analytics (R, Julia, SAS, TensorFlow, Mahout, Scikit, NLTK, Lucene)
  • Decisions (CPLEX, Gurobi, Matlab, Maple, Mathematica)