Mobility has changed the way businesses operate today. There is a huge transformation in action that Enterprise Mobility has brought in. It has changed the way your workforce operates – how you analyze data and make decisions to even how you support your customers. Wissen helps our esteemed customers to ‘Go Mobile’!

We develop amazing things on the mobile platform.

Based on the changing demands and to keep the enterprise motivated towards multichannel access model, our mobility team has been helping our clients by providing mobile-based solutions that covers all major platforms such as Android, iOS, & Windows Mobile.

At Wissen, we transform your business with state-of-the-art mobile apps tailored for specific user groups – workforce, customers or business associates.

In addition, our mobile apps are designed to deliver

  • Efficiencies across business processes
  • Provide apps designed for key user communities
  • Speed intelligent decision-making and response with mobile analytics
  • Empower employees and lead to greater productivity
  • Win, retain, and entice customers with engaging apps

Wissen Mobility Services include:

Mobile Application Development

  • Native, Hybrid, HTML5Apps
  • Wireframe and UI/UX Design
  • Responsive web design
  • API / Web services

Mobility Application Security

  • Mobile Data Protection
  • Secured Mobile Transactions

Mobility Analytics

  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Mobile performance
  • Analytics & reporting

Enterprise Mobility Applications

Trends are changing at furious rate, so are technologies. In tandem, customer expectations too are changing rapidly.

Having long years of experience and being adept at various technologies, Wissen has the wherewithal to meet any requirement of customers – old or new.

Startup Apps

When it comes to incorporating mobile technology into an existing business model, it is really a challenge choosing between native and web apps.

Native or web or a combination of these two – doesn’t matter. We have the required prowess to understand and asses our clients’ requirements. We always suggest and give them the best.

Device Integrated Apps

Technology is a great enabler. New innovations in technology lead to a paradigm shift in the way people lead their lives.

Wissen is always at the forefront of innovation. Wissen’s healthcare app integrated with critical devices including BP machine, Thermometer is a big success with both doctors and patients alike.

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