CI/CD Pipeline
Posted by imidas | 06 September 2021

In today’s software-driven world, the demand for quick time-to-market, enhanced productivity, and reduced costs is at an all-time high. To meet these demands, DevOps have emerged as the gold standard…

Cloud-Based Application Development
Posted by imidas | 30 August 2021

Navigating the new normal brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is a tricky affair for enterprises. As consumers took to digital services in large volumes, businesses could not afford to…

Cloud Costs
Posted by imidas | 25 August 2021

Back in 2017 AWS admitted that about 37% of cloud spending goes to waste. Following this, in 2020 Gartner estimated that the public cloud market would grow to $257.9 billion…

Zero Trust Architecture
Posted by imidas | 23 August 2021

Enterprise security has been a top priority for businesses since the last couple of years, and it should be. With cybercrime expected to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by…

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Challenges in Implementation of Microservices
Posted by imidas | 26 July 2021

The need to build highly resilient applications has caused microservices adoption to scale new heights. It is estimated that, until 2025, the cloud microservices market will grow at a CAGR…

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RPA in Financial Services and Banking
Posted by imidas | 28 June 2021

In today’s digital-first market with stiff competition, financial services institutions need to continuously invest in new technologies to streamline their operations and remain at the forefront of the ever-changing market…

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Encryption best practices
Posted by imidas | 25 June 2021

In the digital era we are living in today, a sizeable amount of enterprise and consumer technology has shifted completely into the cloud. In fact, cloud computing is one of…

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Hybrid Cloud
Posted by imidas | 17 June 2021

Hybrid cloud storage is a cloud computing model that has proved beneficial for organizations struggling with data security and cost optimization issues.  Today, there are numerous options available to organizations…

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Cloud Security
Posted by imidas | 14 May 2021

The cloud today, candidly speaking, is no longer an option. It is but a necessity to thrive, remain agile and improve competitiveness in a tight global market. When we speak…

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Cloud Digital Transformation
Posted by imidas | 21 April 2021

The buzz around Cloud never seems to die down. From the time the technology was first introduced, it has unremittingly enabled organizations to enable better efficiencies. While early benefits focused…

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Cybersecurity Trends
Posted by imidas | 19 April 2021

Cybersecurity has long been a source of concern for organizations around the world. But with the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, cybersecurity needs to constantly evolve as well. The Covid-19 pandemic…

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Cloud Migration
Posted by imidas | 25 March 2021

Studies have shown that nearly one third (approximately 32%) of an organization’s annual IT budget will be consumed by cloud services by 2021.  From being an experimental technology in the…

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